Nhóm Vào Đời - Giáo xứ Thanh Đa

"Lẽ sống của tôi là chính Đức Kitô" (Pl. 1, 21)

Thứ bảy, 26 Tháng 6 2010 18:41

Greetings! (Goi VD 10 nam from Nhi)

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Blue is a color of hope.
White, purifies hope, and brings in the sparkle of the Holiness.
Just like who you are! :)
Thank you for the beautiful invitation card ;)

Hey, it's already 10 years.
10 years of journeys (for the whole group and for each of us)- journeys that have brought joy for the little ones, bringing love to the hopeless ones, bringing fire to the spiritless ones, and bringing inspirations to the far away ones (..like me! :)  )  
To all my very dear brothers and sisters of VaoDoi - you've inspired me for so many things that you've done.
Thank you for being 10 years old. Thank you for being awesome, and thank you for still being a strong fortress, that keeps our spirit on fire, and continues to supply us strength from the Holy Spirit.
May God look after us, pamper us, bless us with His wonderful love, and continue to make good use of us, as one of his most awesome pencils  ;) altalt

Happy 10th year birthday, V.A(2).O.D.O.I !!!
the Very AwesomeAgents Of Da Outstanding Intelligence (aka GOD) alt
the Very Agents Of Da Outstanding Intelligence (aka GOD) alt

Nhi :) !